Monday, January 24, 2011

The real problem is not anger, hatred, jealousy, possessiveness etc - it is unawareness.

If you really feel that anger was wrong, then forget about the past. Now whenever anger is there, remain alert. That is real repentance. Remain alert. I’m not saying don’t ask people’s forgiveness. Ask - but not in repentance. Not for anger but for your unawareness. Can you see the distinction? If you have been angry, go to the person and say I have been unaware. I behaved like a fool, a drunkard. I was unconscious, drugged. I have done something but I was not there. Ask forgiveness for your unawareness, not for your anger. And remember the real problem is not anger. The real problem is unawareness. So next time be more aware. Whether it is anger, hatred, jealousy, possessiveness, a thousand and one things are there… but the real disease is one - unawareness  - This is the idea of great "Osho"

Unawareness here stands for our level of consciousness. For the same event, our understanding of ourselves, and our environment varies depending on our level of consciousness. It is the intellect that tells us that consequences of reacting negatively are not favorable. It is however the mind that reacts, based on impressions stored in it. If the mind is aligned with the intellect, then all is good, but the mind has its own ways, and does not always listen the intellect. Example - medical doctors very well know about the harmful consequences of smoking, but that does not stop them from smoking, as they are slaves of their mind, and the intellect is subdued.

A person who is more conscious, gets more reaction time, as his intellect alerts him to the anger in time and finds a reasonable and safe response. People who are less conscious are more at the mercy of their own mind, which reacts given the external stimulus. After the reaction, when the intellect kicks in, and more awareness dawns, one either starts either feeling guilty, or the ego finds a way to justify that the reaction was warranted, thanks to the external event. Thus, when we raise our level of consciousness through spiritual/self-help practices, we will get more and more time to respond, and our reactions will go down.

Each one of us is doing our best, with the level of awareness we have at each specific moment. Every negative reaction happens because of unawareness, and not malice, as we would like to think. As we raise our levels of consciousness by working on ourselves, our reactions go down and as a consequence, we naturally experience more peace within ourselves.  This is an important thing for both parties involved in a negative situation to remember. Be quick in forgiving others, for they were only ignorant like a child. Also ask for forgiveness when needed and do forgive yourself, for in true repentence, your consciousness has already been elevated.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Jagan Mohan Reddy speaks at Jammulamadugu

Jagan speaks at a public meeting in Jammulamadugu. Claims YSR the reason for Congress' success at national level.
YS Jagan Mohan Reddy speaking to addressing his followers and activists said that the Congress came to power in Centre twice due to his father YS Rajasekhara Reddy. In an emotional speech, he said that despite many hurdles created to him for his Odarpu Yatra, he maintained tolerance but could not tolerate the efforts made to divide his family. That is the moment when he decided to quit the Congress, he added.
He expressed confidence to win the by-elections in Kadapa and Pulivendula. The young leader appealed the support of the people and his supporters for his ensuing success. In Dhawad, he unveiled the statues of his father late Dr. Y S Rajasekhara Reddy.
G Ramesh a staunch supporter of Jagan got elected as Sarpanch for the Viswanadhapuram Panchayat in Geesukonda Mandal in Warangal district. Former Minister Konda Surekha termed this as the first victory for Jagan in the state.

CM creates guest house problems for YS Jagan

he arrangements for the two day fast by YS Jagan which is scheduled for tomorrow is going in full swing.However the Kiran kumar reddy's government is trying to foil the Jagan's deeksha pouncing on every opportunity.

Since one week Ambati Ranbabu and Boomana Karunakar reddy is supervising the arrangements of the deeksha site and are using the Zilla parishad guest house for their day- today activities.Eventhough the ZP guest house was being used since one week for meeting various leaders and cadre the issue has been taken into notice yesteraday by the CM office(CM peshi).

The ZP guest house office recieved a letter from the CM peshi warning them to evict the occupants and cut off the power for the guest house.The CM peshi also questioned the guest officials the motive behind alloting the government ZP guest house to party activities.

Meanwhile Ambati Rambabu has reacted sharply to the CM peshis letter and said that it is the conspiracy of Kiran kumar reddy to foil the Jagan's deeksha.Are we doing any illegal activities send us out he questioned the government.Inspite of all these shortcomings we will make the deeksha successful he claimed.

It is heard that some congress leaders have managed to get the ZP guest house for Jagan's camp activities.

Rajasekhar&Jeevita bye-bye to Congress

Film actor Rajasekhar and jeevitha has resigned from the Congress party.They have called a press meet to announce their exit from the Congress.

Rajasekhar expressed dissatisfaction over the way the congress treated the YSR's family.YS Rajasekhar reddy has single handedly brought the congress party to power in 2004 and 2009 but the High command has ingonred his contribution and left his family mercilessly claimed Rajasekhar.

We have joined the Congress because of YSR and his commitment to the people but now we are quitting it because his son YS Jagan is no more in the party rajasekhar said.

Rajasekhar and jeevita expressed their willingness to join Jagan's party.The people are going to be benifited only with the Jagan's party and the days for the congress party in the state is counting claimed Rajasekhar.

Eventhough Rajasekhar and jeevita joined Congress during the YSR's regime,they were not really given any position in the party and used them only to counter Chiranjeevi.

It remains to be seen whether Rajasekhar and Jeevita will be used by Jagan just to counter Chiranjeevi or will he give them any responsibility?

YS Jagan tampering Chiranjeevi's train!

Well,till now only the Congress is facing the brunt of YS Jagan's luring of their MLA's.But not anymore, the Congress will be soon joined by chiranjeevi who is also feeling the repurcussions of Jagan.

Today Jagan has made a private visit to PRP leaders Bhuma Nagireddy and MLA Shoba nagireddy house in kurnool and had a closed door discussions with them.Later Congress MLA Katam Ramboopal reddy and PRP MLA Katam Ramreddy too attended the dinner and had discussions.

Later speaking to the media Bhooma's family and PRP MLA Katam Ram reddy pledged their support for Jagan and vowed to join his party after it is formed.I am ready to resign from PRP and MLA post and join Jagan claimed PRP MLA Katam Ramreddy emotionally.

This revelation by the PRP MLA's will surely lead to high blood pressure for Chiranjeevi and it remains to be seen how many MLA's(bogies) will be left in his side(train) after Jagan's party becomes reality!!

Will Jagan’s New Party Also Have Tricolour?

Will the new political party, believed to be floated by Kadapa MP Y S Jaganmohan Reddy in the days to come have the same tricolour flag of the Congress?
This is the speculation doing rounds in the political circles, after watching an incident at Guntupalli village of Pisipalli mandal in Prakasam district on Monday. As part of the Odarpu Yatra, Jagan visited this village and hoisted the tricolour flag as per the request of the local leaders. Interestingly, the flag had neither the Congress symbol – Charkha, nor the Ashok Chakra of the national flag. It was simply a tricolour flag with saffron, white and green.
One does not know why Jagan had hoisted this flag, but it led to widespread speculations that it could be the party flag of his proposed political party, in the event of he being expelled from the Congress. Already, a party called YSR Congress Party, has been registered with the State Election Commission on a benami name; and who knows, it might even become the official name of the Jagan party, if the speculations are to be believed!